Summer Film Intensive 2017!!

Summer Film Intensive 2017 is off to an amazing start!

In Session One we have:

  • Learned about Media Literacy
  • Learned basics of television production
  • Attended two film festivals with workshops
  • Conducted eight interviews
  • Trained in an actual television studio
  • Toured GA Tech’s WREK radio station
  • Shot a short film
  • Traveled over 250 miles

And we are only at the halfway point!

Up next:

  • More shooting
  • More studio time
  • Post production/editing
  • More tours
  • More learning
  • More doing

Only 1 day left to register for second half of Session One.

There’s still time to register for Session Two:

For more information email: or call: 470-588-1822


Start Enrollment Now! ONLY A FEW WEEKS ‘TIL SFI2017 BEGINS!


The Artizen Company’s

Summer Film Intensive

Give your teen the opportunity to discover their greatness and SHINE!

“How’s this for a testimonial? ___ didn’t want to go to Spain because he wanted to do the next two weeks of SFI 2015!!! He wasn’t even feeling conflicted. Obviously, he loves working with you both. We can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for him and all of the outstanding experiences you have given him. We hope he gets to work with you more after his return from Spain.”

You ladies do a tremendous job. You set the bar high and the kids love what they’re doing and respect you so much they work tirelessly to achieve those goals. That’s what great teachers and coaches do.”


The Artizen Company’s Summer Film Intensive: a hands-on filmmaking program, that will give participants the opportunity to develop and produce original, festival-worthy, short films and television programming with industry professionals.

This year we will focus on studio television development and production. Your young creative will have the opportunity to develop and produce quality programs for actual television broadcast. Each week working and learning in an actual functioning television studio

Session 1: Development, Pre & Post-production, Performance, and Principle Photography

Dates: June 5 – June 30, 2017

Session 2:  Development, Pre & Post-production, Performance, and Principle Photography

July 5 – July 28, 2017

Times: Monday – Friday, 10am – 3pm

Ages: 12-18 (special consideration needed for participants under 12.)

Fee: $1400 (for full session), or $350 per week (two-week minimum):

Location: Meet-up at 215 Sycamore St, Decatur, GA 30030 (we are always on the move!)

Your ONLY regret? You’re not a teen anymore!


SFI2017 Enrollment is OPEN! Exciting year Exciting times

The Artizen Company’s Summer Film Intensive 2017

Enroll your teen now!

In our 4-week Intensive sessions each participant will learn television production in a real working television studio. They will also broadcast their very own productions on television and stream around the world! An exciting world of talks shows, sketch comedy, news reports, and short films! The best film and television camp in the southeast! More opportunities in-front and behind the camera than any other summer program in Atlanta! LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION! DON’T MISS OUT on this amazing opportunity for your young talent start your enrollment TODAY !

Space is limited due to the quality of the programming.

For more details visit our website or, contact us 470-588-1822 or email at