T.A.C. Artists and Partnerships


Eyedrum Art and Music Gallery:

Summer Film Intensive 2015, a summer camp for teenagers that is focused on professional independent filmmaking.

StepStone Performing Arts Program, a year-round performing and media arts program design to develop the next generation artists and patron.


Summer Film Intensive 2014. A Summer Camp for teenagers that is focused on professional filmmaking.

CultivEight 2015 conference, to culmination week of the 8 month program to develop new voices in film and media arts.

Sheff Dizzle LLC:

Sound engineer:

Music and sound design for TAC productions and events.

The Intune Mother Project:

Liaison between artists and organizations dealing with birth and birth work for upcoming projects.

Love Child Midwifery:

Co-producer for documentary film dealing with mothers and their post partum experiences, and advisor/consultant for upcoming projects.

Artists currently collaborating with TAC…

Stephen Morrison:

Audio Engineering Instructor at Omni Tech, mixing engineer at HDQTRZ  and production at Oven Hot Studios

Jason Louder:

An Atlanta based rapper and actor for stage and film.

Ananda Lo:

An  Atlanta based playwright and improvisational artist.


For Artists interested in working with The Artizen Company

Please read all related info on our website to get an idea of how we work and if our mission fits with your goals. Our company, mission, and programs are different from most programs and artists need to decide if the environment seems fitting. The best way to do that is to come for workshops, see shows, talk to the artists, and volunteers. To get postings on these events please subscribe to our email list. Our program is fun and challenging and provides a wealth of opportunities. Come get interactive with us!

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