Teen Media Literacy Program

Media Literacy

Teen Media Literacy is the innovative media arts program developed by The Artizen Company. During this program teens will learn to analyze, evaluate, dismantle and create messages in a wide variety of media modes, genres, and formats. Students will learn the method and tactics that mainstream and political television, film, print media, and web-based media use to carefully craft realities and messages, some visible and others hidden. They will become proficient at analyzing the true messages hidden within our pervasive media culture. This knowledge will help our teens become more aware of the media and its specific agendas targeting them and the general public.

With this repertoire of competencies, teens will create and produce a news magazine show that will discuss and teach media literacy to its audience. Students will get hands on experience in presenting, writing, producing, designing, and production.


This program is currently only available through The Artizen Company’s Youth Program The CLUB. Interested in this program? Please email or call for CLUB membership information.


The Artizen Company’s Youth Program

The 2014 launch of The CLUB and our Teen Media Literacy Program was groundbreaking and definitely laid a great foundation for the work. In the new phase of the program, it is time to take the study to the streets! That’s right. January – March 2015, teen members will get to explore and review the film and art scene on a weekly basis. Each week the CLUB will produce an episode in which they analyze and discuss the media encountered during each field trip. This will be a fast paced, fun, and challenging term where our teens will continue to learn the concepts and strategies within Media Literacy. The students will also participate in a media literacy PSA challenge: Real World VS The Media! This workshop will culminate in a fun public screening of all completed projects, friends & family are welcome.

New Session Jan 15 – Mar. 21
Thursdays5pm – 7:30pm
(Editing/Post-production & Vocal and Acting Workshops.)
Saturdays11am – 4pm
(Field trips and filming of Media Literacy discussions.)
Cost: $450 per participant
(Includes: Sat. transportation, lunch, and cost of field trips.)
Ages: 13 – 18 (Special consideration for ages 11 and 12.)

Drop-ins welcome : 

Thursdays $25 & Saturdays $50 ( 24 hour RSVP required for all Drop-ins)

Skills taught in this program:
Leadership, team building & team work
Public speaking, voice & articulation
Language arts, analysis, & performance
Logic and critical thinking
Film & TV production

theartizencompany@gmail.com or 770-771-4863

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